Panel System Styles

Linel's in-house finishing services can elevate Standard Alignment panel systems with a custom blend of finish types and colors. 

Linel's Variable Joint Alignment panel systems achieve a dynamic aesthetic, and adapt to your unique architectural vision. 

Add a new dimension to your design with Linel's Variable Depth or Sloping Depth panel systems for a bold, exciting look.

Linel's state-of-the-art fabrication and expert craftsmanship can handle even the most dynamic façade designs with ease.

Infiltration Management Types

Rain Screen Systems use metal panels to conceal and protect a structure's primary weather-barrier, using recessed guttering along the panel joints to redirect precipitation and debris. These systems are not airtight, allowing moisture to evaporate away from the primary weather-barrier.



Weathertight Systems use metal panels to form a structure's primary or secondary weather-barrier.  These systems are airtight, pairing a recessed gutter with a line of structural silicone along panel joints.

Panel Materials & Finishes

Aluminum Panels can be fabricated with a painted or anodized finish. Linel's in-house Kynar paint line allows Linel to work directly with customers to provide custom paint finishes.

Stainless Steel Panels can be fabricated with a textured or mirrored finish.

Composite Panels can be fabricated with a variety of material combinations and finishes.