Generic Details

Linel is the premier fabricator of custom architectural products. Each Linel product is custom-suited to meet the aesthetic and performance specifications of our customers. Contact Linel to request project-specific details or design assistance, and let Linel put 40 years of architectural product experience to work for you.

For guidance in selecting system details, please refer to the Design pages for our Glass Systems and Panel Systems.


Fully Captured, Externally Guttered  [pdf]  [dwg]

Fully Captured, Internally Guttered  [pdf]  [dwg]

Fully Captured, Pressure Equalized  [pdf]  [dwg]

Structurally Glazed, Externally Guttered  [pdf]  [dwg]

Structurally Glazed, Internally Guttered  [pdf]  [dwg]

Structurally Glazed, Pressure Equalized  [pdf]  [dwg]

Two-Sided Glazed, Externally Guttered  [pdf]  [dwg]

Two-Sided Glazed, Internally Guttered  [pdf]  [dwg]

Two-Sided Glazed, Pressure Equalized  [pdf]  [dwg]

Panel Systems

Low-Profile Rainscreen  [pdf]  [dwg]

Full-Depth Rainscreen  [pdf]  [dwg]

Full-Depth Weathertight  [pdf]  [dwg]